Our Technology offerings include:

Smart Data Investigative Platform (SDIP)

Central to any complex investigation, is the speed at which one can bring associate disparate data and identify the respective patterns of behavior. The Smart Data Investigative platform (SDIP) provides a full suite investigative platform that inherently creates a virtual structured data layer, as data is ingested, that allows the investigative team to interact and analyze the data in a simple an intuitive manner. This is achieved by applying proprietary intelligence to the data and enabling the investigator with latest generation link analysis and visualization tools that quickly Infers linkages between people, organizations and places that can quickly unravel the story behind an investigation.

The SDIP can also be leveraged to meet the ever growing needs of a data driven Financial security team within an institution. These additional modules will provide capabilities on top of the core SDIP to enable independent validation of the various controls that they will be mandated to certify. By combining transaction data, kyc data and 3rd party data the tool can quickly assess gaps on internal controls within the institution.

AML Performance & Testing Accelerator (AML – Accel)

The Traditional Approach for Suspicions Activity Monitoring (SAM) systems tuning and validation involves long, expensive and intensive tuning process.
This approach consists of multiple tuning cycles that includes selection of transactions data set to be used, risk model definition, thresholds and scoring settings, experiment run, results analysis review of the model, alerts and thresholds.
The AML Performance & Testing Accelerator Offers alternative risk model validation solution utilizing synthetic data sets, these data sets are configurable to mirror the financial institution authentic data model, which can be quickly used to determine the “white noise” and accelerate the process used to baseline Suspicious Activity monitoring tuning thresholds.


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